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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

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Earn Upto 18% from Investing in P2P lending Platform

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About IndiaP2P

IndiaP2P is a website that connects those in need of loans with those looking to provide money. The website makes it easier and more beneficial for both borrowers and lenders to use technology.

Since late 2017, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has regulated peer-to-peer lending in India. IndiaP2P is regulated by the Indian government and has been verified as a safe and responsible lending platform. IndiaP2P also assists with credit checks, loan management, and ensuring that clients repay the loans they take out. All of these services are provided online in order to safeguard both borrowers and lenders.

Top Investment Plans

Growth Plan:

  • Earn upto 18% Per Annum From Growth Aggressive Plan Lock-in 12 Months
  • Earn upto 14% Per Annum From Growth Conservative Plan Lock-in 12 Months

Monthly Income Plan:

  • Earn upto 16% Per Annum From Monthly Income Plan Aggressive Plan Lock-in 12 Months
  • Earn upto 12% Per Annum From Monthly Income Plan Conservative Plan Lock-in 12 Months

IndiaP2P Referral Code Benefits

Earn 1% of your first investment as a top-up to your first investment plans by using the Referral Code. Earnings from referrals will be displayed individually on your dashboard under the Rewards section.

IndiaP2P Contact Number

  • Mobile: 022 65027681
  • Whatsapp: +91 9076284367
  • Email:
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