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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

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Flo ergonomic orthopaedic Mattress Buy Online

Flo Mattress Discount Code & Offers

About Flo Mattress

The brand began operations in 2018 and has since sold over 10,000 Flo Mattresses across India, including all tier 3 and tier 4 cities.

Because of the fabric cover that it has on top, Flo Mattress has been many people's top option for its super comfortability. This also makes it easier to clean without making the foam layer wet. Many people are unaware that sleeping on a foam mattress increases blood supply in the body. The spacer fabric also promotes improved blood flow by allowing 3D airflow across the mattress edge.

Flo Mattress variants

Two Flo Mattress models are launched with the aim of distributing premium quality beds and providing consumers with restful sleep. These are the Ergo mattress and the Ortho mattress.

The Ergo mattress is a softer version that is more comfortable due to its topmost layer of pressure-relieving memory foam, which guarantees a restful night's sleep.

Simultaneously, the Ortho mattress is a firmer version that does not include any memory foam and is intended for seniors over the age of 60, as well as those suffering from back pain and in need of extra help.

Both of these Flo Mattress variants come with an exclusive heat-regulating Cashmere fabric cover to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Fairly Resonable Cost

If you're concerned about the cost of these magnificent mattresses, you'll be pleasantly surprised. A single bed with a 6-inch mattress and an 8-inch mattress costs around INR 10,000 to INR 15,000 on average, while a king-sized bed costs around INR 19,500 on average.

Shipment and delivery

If you are concerned about delivery issues, such as living on the third floor of a building with no elevator, do not panic! They've got you covered. They vacuum pack and compress each of these parcels to one-third their original size using smart technology. This method of packing makes moving a mattress to the third or every other floor more comfortable. All you have to do is open Pandora's box and tear open the plastic cover to let the magic out. The shrunk-down mattress would gradually return to its original size, and you can use it right away.

Advantages of the Flo Mattress

  • Sleeping better than usual
  • Cooler sleep
  • There will be no disruption to another partner.
  • Cover with aloe vera gel to make the skin look more relaxed and youthful.
  • 10 years of warranty
  • 50% lower than the competition's rate
  • Flo mattress supplies mattresses to 5-star hotels, so you can imagine having a 5-star hotel experience in your room.
  • Cure Lower Back Ache
  • Quite relaxing.

10 years warranty on mattresses

They have a ten-year warranty on mattresses, which covers manufacturing defects such as depressions deeper than one inch, sagging, and cover flaws such as unraveling stitching or flaws in the foam causing it to break or crack.

They do not cover modifications to your mattress caused by normal wear and tear or by circumstances or uses that surpass the intended use of a mattress, including reclining and sleeping. Don't, for example, take your Flo mattress camping!

Flo Mattress Customer Support

Call: +91 73878 87750

Email: support@flomattress.com

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